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  • 0.2.4   Bugfix in helmchart
    Release 0.2.4


  • 0.2.3   minor changes
    2b4560bd · Update version numbers ·
    Release 0.2.3

    new feature added:

    When a user has an active session and reattempts a login, an option will be shown that allows the user to terminate the session in order to log in with another user.

  • 0.2.2   Minor changes - A bug was fixed that caused hydra not to save sessions. - The layout of the single sign-on login page was changed
  • 0.2.1   Change build pipeline
    4bf5b58a · Change release version ·
  • 0.2.0
    d6c60c3c · Pin releases ·
    Release 0.2.0

    Release includes the following features:


    • includes user-panel release 1.2.0
    • requires hydra release 0.0.48
    • configuration of oauth clients via values file

    basic login and consent provider

    • login provider and consent provider are separated
    • login provider only provides basic login form
    • consent provider checks application permission via graphql api call

    ci/cd pipeline

    • builds images automatically
    • runs integration checks
      • validates functionality of consent and login provider
      • validates functionality of backend calls
      • validates OpenID userinfo retrieval
        • username emailaddress
        • roles that are assigned in the backend
    • runs functional tests that validate behaviour of login interface