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# Maintaining an Openappstack cluster
## Backup
Please take care to backup the following locations:
### On your provisioning machine
* Your cluster config directory, located in the top-level sub-directory
`clusters` in your clone of the openappstack git repository.
Here you can find all the files generated during the `create` and `install`
commands of the CLI, together with the generated secrets that are stored during
### On your cluster
* The local storage directories under `/var/lib/OpenAppStack/local-storage`.
This is the place all persistant volumes are stored.
Some are more important than others, if you want to hand-pick what volumes
to backup, use `kubectl get pvc --all-namespaces` to see which volumes are
used by what application. The prometheus and alertmanager volume contain
metrics, so you could choose to not back those up to save space.
* The [rke]( directory `/var/lib/OpenAppStack/rke`
where the `rke` config and state file of your cluster is stored.
* At this moment, [recurring, automated etcd snapshots are not configured](
Please refer to the [rke etc snapshot
documentation]( if you
like to backup [etcd](
If you don't care about your backup disk usage too much, the easiest way is to
backup the whole `/var/lib/OpenAppStack/` directory.
## Restore
Restore instructions will follow, please [reach out to us](
if you need assistance.
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