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Update dependency sphinx to v5.3.0

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sphinx (changelog) minor ==5.2.3 -> ==5.3.0

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  • #​10759: LaTeX: add :confval:latex_table_style and support the 'booktabs', 'borderless', and 'colorrows' styles. (thanks to Stefan Wiehler for initial pull requests #​6666, #​6671)
  • #​10840: One can cross-reference including an option value like :option:`--module=foobar```,:option:--module[=foobar]``` or ``:option:--module foobar```. Patch by Martin Liska.
  • #​10881: autosectionlabel: Record the generated section label to the debug log.
  • #​10268: Correctly URI-escape image filenames.
  • #​10887: domains: Allow sections in all the content of all object description directives (e.g. :rst:dir:py:function). Patch by Adam Turner


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