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chore(deps): update pre-commit hook python-jsonschema/check-jsonschema to v0.28.4

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
python-jsonschema/check-jsonschema repository patch 0.28.1 -> 0.28.4

Note: The pre-commit manager in Renovate is not supported by the pre-commit maintainers or community. Please do not report any problems there, instead create a Discussion in the Renovate repository if you have any questions.

Release Notes

python-jsonschema/check-jsonschema (python-jsonschema/check-jsonschema)


Compare Source

  • Update vendored schemas: buildkite, github-workflows, gitlab-ci, renovate, taskfile, woodpecker-ci (2024-05-19)


Compare Source

  • Update vendored schemas: dependabot, github-workflows, gitlab-ci, renovate, woodpecker-ci (2024-05-05)
  • Update Cloud Build pre-commit hook to support JSON Cloud Build config. Thanks :user:jrdnbradford! (🇵🇷427)


Compare Source

  • Update vendored schemas: cloudbuild, gitlab-ci, renovate (2024-04-10)
  • Add Taskfile schema and pre-commit hook. Thanks :user:jrdnbradford! (🇵🇷417)


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