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chore(deps): update dependency sphinx-design to v0.6.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
sphinx-design minor ==0.5.0 -> ==0.6.0


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Release Notes

executablebooks/sphinx-design (sphinx-design)


Compare Source

  • ️ Python v3.9-3.12 by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}186
  • ️ Octicon icons to v19.8.0 by {user}ffvpor in {pr}171
Create custom directives

You can use the sd_custom_directives configuration option in your to add custom directives, with default option values:

sd_custom_directives = {
  "dropdown-syntax": {
    "inherit": "dropdown",
    "argument": "Syntax",
    "options": {
      "color": "primary",
      "icon": "code",

The key is the new directive name to add, and the value is a dictionary with the following keys:

  • inherit: The directive to inherit from (e.g. dropdown)
  • argument: The default argument (optional, only for directives that take a single argument)
  • options: A dictionary of default options for the directive (optional)

by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}194

sync tabs by URL query parameters

Synchronised tabs can now be selected by adding a query parameter to the URL, for that sync-group, such as ?code=python for

.. tab-set-code::

    .. literalinclude::
        :language: python

    .. literalinclude:: snippet.js
        :language: javascript

The last selected tab key, per group, is also persisted to SessionStorage

by {user}mikemckiernan and {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}196

  • 👌 Use reference name by default for internal link cards by {user}gabalafou in {pr}183
  • 👌 Improve specificity of JS function name by {user}danirus in {pr}153
  • 👌 Remove duplicate CSS hashing for sphinx >= 7.1 by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}193
👌 Improve dropdown title bar

There are three visible changes:

  1. The "default" behaviour of the right chevron is to go from right-facing (closed) to down-facing (open), instead of down-facing (closed) to up-facing (open). There is also a rotate transition on opening/closing. The old default behaviour can be retained by using the new :chevron: down-up directive option.
  2. The prefix icon (optional), title text, and chevron state icon are now all better aligned
  3. The top/bottom padding is now 0.5em instead of 1em

The MR also introduces three new CSS variables to control font sizes of the dropdown:

--sd-fontsize-tabs-label: 1rem;
--sd-fontsize-dropdown-title: 1rem;
--sd-fontweight-dropdown-title: 700;

Internally, the HTML / CSS is changed, such that the title is now an inline-flex box, with three columns arranged with justify-content: space-between:

icon (optional) text (flex-grow: 1) state chevron

Also, the state chevron was previously two distinct SVGs (with one hidden), but now is one that get rotated on open/close.

by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}192

  • 🐛 Fix tab-item label with nested syntax by {user}Praecordi in {pr}135
  • 🐛 Fix do not close input tag by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}195
  • 📚 Update theme versions by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}189

  • 📚 Make octicon list a table by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}188

  • 📚 Add sphinx-immaterial to doc theme builds by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}190

  • 📚 Change syntax dropdown color by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}191

  • 🔧 Add FIPS compliant flag to md5 call by {user}gabor-varga in {pr}162

  • 🔧 define build.os for RTD to fix build by {user}sciencewhiz in {pr}176

  • 🔧 Move to ruff by {user}chrisjsewell in {pr}185

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