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Update dependency psutil to v5.9.3

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
psutil patch ==5.9.2 -> ==5.9.3

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  • 2040_, [macOS]: provide wheels for arm64 architecture. (patch by Matthieu Darbois)

Bug fixes

  • 2116_, [macOS], [critical]: psutil.net_connections_ fails with RuntimeError.
  • 2135_, [macOS]: Process.environ()_ may contain garbage data. Fix out-of-bounds read around sysctl_procargs. (patch by Bernhard Urban-Forster)
  • 2138_, [Linux], [critical]: can't compile psutil on Android due to undefined ethtool_cmd_speed symbol.
  • 2142_, [POSIX]: net_if_stats()_ 's flags on Python 2 returned unicode instead of str. (patch by Matthieu Darbois)
  • 2147_, [macOS] Fix disk usage report on macOS 12+. (patch by Matthieu Darbois)
  • 2150_, [Linux] Process.threads()_ may raise NoSuchProcess. Fix race condition. (patch by Daniel Li)
  • 2153_, [macOS] Fix race condition in test_posix.TestProcess.test_cmdline. (patch by Matthieu Darbois)


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