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chore(deps): update dependency psutil to v5.9.4 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
psutil patch ==5.9.3 -> ==5.9.4

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  • 2102_: use Limited API when building wheels with CPython 3.6+ on Linux, macOS and Windows. This allows to use pre-built wheels in all future versions of cPython 3. (patch by Matthieu Darbois)

Bug fixes

  • 2077_, [Windows]: Use system-level values for virtual_memory()_. (patch by Daniel Widdis)
  • 2156_, [Linux]: compilation may fail on very old gcc compilers due to missing SPEED_UNKNOWN definition. (patch by Amir Rossert)
  • 2010_, [macOS]: on MacOS, arm64 IFM_1000_TX and IFM_1000_T are the same value, causing a build failure. (patch by Lawrence D'Anna)


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