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chore(deps): update pre-commit hook python-jsonschema/check-jsonschema to v0.19.1

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
python-jsonschema/check-jsonschema repository minor 0.18.4 -> 0.19.1

Note: The pre-commit manager in Renovate is not supported by the pre-commit maintainers or community. Please do not report any problems there, instead create a Discussion in the Renovate repository if you have any questions.

Release Notes



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  • Fix handling of file descriptors created using the /proc/self/fd/ mechanism (:issue:176)


Compare Source

  • Update vendored schemas: github-workflows, gitlab-ci, renovate (2022-11-10)
  • Improve the behaviors of filetype detection. --default-filetype now defaults to json, and can be passed toml or json5 if those parsers are installed. Detection is now only done by suffix mapping and will not attempt to read files.


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