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chore(deps): update dependency psutil to v5.9.5

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
psutil patch ==5.9.4 -> ==5.9.5

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  • 2196_: in case of exception, display a cleaner error traceback by hiding the KeyError bit deriving from a missed cache hit.
  • 2217_: print the full traceback when a DeprecationWarning or UserWarning is raised.
  • 2230_, [OpenBSD]: psutil.net_connections_ implementation was rewritten from scratch:
    • We're now able to retrieve the path of AF_UNIX sockets (before it was an empty string)
    • The function is faster since it no longer iterates over all processes.
    • No longer produces duplicate connection entries.
  • 2238_: there are cases where Process.cwd()_ cannot be determined (e.g. directory no longer exists), in which case we returned either None or an empty string. This was consolidated and we now return "" on all platforms.
  • 2239_, [UNIX]: if process is a zombie, and we can only determine part of the its truncated (15 chars), don't fail with ZombieProcess_ when we try to guess the full name from the Process.cmdline()_. Just return the truncated name.
  • 2240_, [NetBSD], [OpenBSD]: add CI testing on every commit for NetBSD and OpenBSD platforms (python 3 only).

Bug fixes

  • 1043_, [OpenBSD] psutil.net_connections_ returns duplicate entries.
  • 1915_, [Linux]: on certain kernels, "MemAvailable" field from /proc/meminfo returns 0 (possibly a kernel bug), in which case we calculate an approximation for available memory which matches "free" CLI utility.
  • 2164_, [Linux]: compilation fails on kernels < 2.6.27 (e.g. CentOS 5).
  • 2186_, [FreeBSD]: compilation fails with Clang 15. (patch by Po-Chuan Hsieh)
  • 2191_, [Linux]: disk_partitions()*: do not unnecessarily read /proc/filesystems and raise AccessDenied* unless user specified all=False argument.
  • 2216_, [Windows]: fix tests when running in a virtual environment (patch by Matthieu Darbois)
  • 2225_, [POSIX]: users()_ loses precision for started attribute (off by 1 minute).
  • 2229_, [OpenBSD]: unable to properly recognize zombie processes. NoSuchProcess_ may be raised instead of ZombieProcess_.
  • 2231_, [NetBSD]: available virtual_memory()_ is higher than total.
  • 2234_, [NetBSD]: virtual_memory()_ metrics are wrong: available and used are too high. We now match values shown by htop CLI utility.
  • 2236_, [NetBSD]: Process.num_threads()_ and Process.threads()_ return threads that are already terminated.
  • 2237_, [OpenBSD], [NetBSD]: Process.cwd()_ may raise FileNotFoundError if cwd no longer exists. Return an empty string instead.


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