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chore(deps): update dependency sphinx to v6.2.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
sphinx (changelog) minor ==6.1.3 -> ==6.2.1

Release Notes



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Bugs fixed

  • #​11355: Revert the default type of :confval:nitpick_ignore and :confval:nitpick_ignore_regex to list.


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  • Require Docutils 0.18.1 or greater.

Incompatible changes

  • LaTeX: removal of some internal TeX \dimen registers (not previously publicly documented) as per 5.1.0 code comments in sphinx.sty: \sphinxverbatimsep, \sphinxverbatimborder, \sphinxshadowsep, \sphinxshadowsize, and \sphinxshadowrule. (refs: #​11105)
  • Remove .egg support from pycode ModuleAnalyser; Python eggs are a now-obsolete binary distribution format
  • #​11089: Remove deprecated code in Patch by Daniel Eades
  • Remove internal-only sphinx.locale.setlocale


  • #​11247: Deprecate the legacy intersphinx_mapping format
  • is deprecated in favour of contextlib.chdir.

Features added

  • #​11277: :rst:dir:autoproperty allows the return type to be specified as a type comment (e.g., # type: () -> int). Patch by Bénédikt Tran
  • #​10811: Autosummary: extend __all__ to imported members for template rendering when option autosummary_ignore_module_all is set to False. Patch by Clement Pinard
  • #​11147: Add a content_offset parameter to nested_parse_with_titles(), allowing for correct line numbers during nested parsing. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
  • Update to Unicode CLDR 42
  • Add a --jobs synonym for -j. Patch by Hugo van Kemenade
  • LaTeX: a command \sphinxbox for styling text elements with a (possibly rounded) box, optional background color and shadow, has been added. See :ref:sphinxbox. (refs: #​11224)
  • LaTeX: add \sphinxstylenotetitle, ..., \sphinxstylewarningtitle, ..., for an extra layer of mark-up freeing up \sphinxstrong for other uses. See :ref:latex-macros. (refs: #​11267)
  • LaTeX: :dudir:note, :dudir:hint, :dudir:important and :dudir:tip can now each be styled as the other admonitions, i.e. possibly with a background color, individual border widths and paddings, possibly rounded corners, and optional shadow. See :ref:additionalcss. (refs: #​11234)
  • LaTeX: admonitions and :dudir:topic (and :dudir:contents <table-of-contents>) directives, and not only :rst:dir:code-block, support box-decoration-break=slice.
  • LaTeX: let rounded boxes support up to 4 distinct border-widths (refs: #​11243)
  • LaTeX: new options noteTextColor, noteTeXextras et al. See :ref:additionalcss.
  • LaTeX: support elliptical corners in rounded boxes. (refs: #​11254)
  • #​11150: Include source location in highlighting warnings, when lexing fails. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
  • #​11281: Support for :confval:imgmath_latex = 'tectonic' or = 'xelatex'. Patch by Dimitar Dimitrov
  • #​11109, #​9643: Add :confval:python_display_short_literal_types option for condensed rendering of Literal types.

Bugs fixed

  • #​11079: LaTeX: figures with align attribute may disappear and strangely impact following lists
  • #​11093: LaTeX: fix "multiply-defined references" PDF build warnings when one or more reST labels directly precede an :rst:dir:py:module or :rst:dir:automodule directive. Patch by Bénédikt Tran (picnixz)
  • #​11110: LaTeX: Figures go missing from latex pdf if their files have the same base name and they use a post transform. Patch by aaron-cooper
  • LaTeX: fix potential color leak from shadow to border of rounded boxes, if shadow color is set but border color is not
  • LaTeX: fix unintended 1pt upwards vertical shift of code blocks frames respective to contents (when using rounded corners)
  • #​11235: LaTeX: added \color in topic (or admonition) contents may cause color leak to the shadow and border at a page break
  • #​11264: LaTeX: missing space before colon after "Voir aussi" for :rst:dir:seealso directive in French
  • #​11268: LaTeX: longtable with left alignment breaks out of current list indentation context in PDF. Thanks to picnixz.
  • #​11274: LaTeX: external links are not properly escaped for \sphinxupquote compatibility
  • #​11147: Fix source file/line number info in object description content and in other uses of nested_parse_with_titles. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard.
  • #​11192: Restore correct parallel search index building. Patch by Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
  • Use the new Transifex tx client


  • Fail testing when any Python warnings are emitted
  • Migrate remaining unittest.TestCase style test functions to pytest style
  • Remove tests that rely on setuptools


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