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chore(deps): update dependency sphinx to v7

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
sphinx (changelog) major ==6.2.1 -> ==7.1.2

Release Notes

sphinx-doc/sphinx (sphinx)


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Bugs fixed

  • #​11542: linkcheck: Properly respect :confval:linkcheck_anchors and do not spuriously report failures to validate anchors. Patch by James Addison.


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Bugs fixed

  • #​11514: Fix SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in multi-line copyright footer. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.


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Incompatible changes


  • #​11412: Emit warnings on using a deprecated Python-specific index entry type (namely, module, keyword, operator, object, exception, statement, and builtin) in the :rst:dir:index directive, and set the removal version to Sphinx 9. Patch by Adam Turner.

Features added

  • #​11415: Add a checksum to JavaScript and CSS asset URIs included within generated HTML, using the CRC32 algorithm.
  • :meth:~sphinx.application.Sphinx.require_sphinx now allows the version requirement to be specified as (major, minor).
  • #​11011: Allow configuring a line-length limit for object signatures, via :confval:maximum_signature_line_length and the domain-specific variants. If the length of the signature (in characters) is greater than the configured limit, each parameter in the signature will be split to its own logical line. This behaviour may also be controlled by options on object description directives, for example :rst:dir:py:function:single-line-parameter-list. Patch by Thomas Louf, Adam Turner, and Jean-François B.
  • #​10983: Support for multiline copyright statements in the footer block. Patch by Stefanie Molin
  • sphinx.util.display.status_iterator now clears the current line with ANSI control codes, rather than overprinting with space characters.
  • #​11431: linkcheck: Treat SSL failures as broken links. Patch by James Addison.
  • #​11157: Keep the translated attribute on translated nodes.
  • #​11451: Improve the traceback displayed when using :option:sphinx-build -T in parallel builds. Patch by Bénédikt Tran
  • #​11324: linkcheck: Use session-basd HTTP requests.
  • #​11438: Add support for the :rst:dir:py:class and :rst:dir:py:function directives for PEP 695 (generic classes and functions declarations) and PEP 696 (default type parameters). Multi-line support (#​11011) is enabled for type parameters list and can be locally controlled on object description directives, e.g., :rst:dir:py:function:single-line-type-parameter-list. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.
  • #​11484: linkcheck: Allow HTML anchors to be ignored on a per-URL basis via :confval:linkcheck_anchors_ignore_for_url while still checking the validity of the page itself. Patch by Bénédikt Tran
  • #​1246: Add translation progress statistics and inspection support, via a new substitution (|translation progress|) and a new configuration variable (:confval:translation_progress_classes). These enable determining the percentage of translated elements within a document, and the remaining translated and untranslated elements.

Bugs fixed

  • Restored the footnote-reference class that has been removed in the latest (unreleased) version of Docutils.

  • #​11486: Use :rfc:8081 font file MIME types in the EPUB builder. Using the correct MIME type will prevent warnings from epubcheck and will generate a valid EPUB.

  • #​11435: Use microsecond-resolution timestamps for outdated file detection in BuildEnvironment.get_outdated_files.

  • #​11437: Top-level headings starting with a reStructuredText role now render properly when :confval:rst_prolog is set. Previously, a file starting with the below would have improperly rendered due to where the prologue text was inserted into the document.

    .. code:: rst

    :mod:lobster -- The lobster module


    Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11337: Fix a MemoryError in sphinx.ext.intersphinx when using None or typing.* as inline type references. Patch by Bénédikt Tran (picnixz)


  • #​11345: Always delete docutils.conf in test directories when running SphinxTestApp.cleanup().


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  • #​11411: Support Docutils 0.20_. Patch by Adam Turner.

.. _Docutils 0.20:

Bugs fixed

  • #​11418: Clean up remaining references to sphinx.setup_command following the removal of support for setuptools. Patch by Willem Mulder.


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Incompatible changes

  • #​11359: Remove long-deprecated aliases for MecabSplitter and DefaultSplitter in
  • #​11360: Remove deprecated make_old_id functions in domain object description classes.
  • #​11363: Remove the Setuptools integration (build_sphinx hook in
  • #​11364: Remove deprecated sphinx.ext.napoleon.iterators module.
  • #​11365: Remove support for the jsdump format in
  • #​11366: Make locale a required argument to sphinx.util.i18n.format_date().
  • #​11370: Remove deprecated sphinx.util.stemmer module.
  • #​11371: Remove deprecated sphinx.pycode.ast.parse() function.
  • #​11372: Remove deprecated function.
  • #​11373: Removed deprecated sphinx.util.get_matching_files() function.
  • #​11378: Remove deprecated sphinx.util.docutils.is_html5_writer_available() function.
  • #​11379: Make the env argument to Builder subclasses required.
  • #​11380: autosummary: Always emit grouped import exceptions.
  • #​11381: Remove deprecated style key for HTML templates.
  • #​11382: Remove deprecated sphinx.writers.latex.LaTeXTranslator.docclasses attribute.
  • #​11383: Remove deprecated and attributes.
  • #​11385: Remove support for HTML 4 output.


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