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chore(deps): update dependency nextcloud-releases/contacts to v5.4.0

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
nextcloud-releases/contacts minor v5.3.2 -> v5.4.0

Release Notes

nextcloud-releases/contacts (nextcloud-releases/contacts)


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5.4.0 - 2023-09-14

  • Quick actions for contacts
  • Disabled wording to disabled address books
  • Show/hide option for system and shared addressbooks
  • Show address book description if provided
  • Nextcloud 28 support
  • Contact and group counters to address books
  • Improve quick actions design
  • Deactivate social avatars from twitter
  • Show single-value dropdowns as text in view mode
  • Better description of circles
  • Import modal improvement
  • Hide contact groups if its empty
  • Hide empty properties
  • Always display Circles info
  • Import loads forever
  • Split up detailed-name again to fix vCard
  • Hide not copyable addressbooks in copy select
  • Handling group update
  • Allow dynamic autoloading for classes added during upgrade
  • Don't show groups in share placeholder if group sharing is disabled
  • Add missing loading Icon
  • Move QR code close button away from QR code image


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