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chore(deps): update dependency pyopenssl to v23.3.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
pyopenssl (source) minor ==23.2.0 -> ==23.3.0

Release Notes

pyca/pyopenssl (pyopenssl)


Compare Source

Backward-incompatible changes: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Dropped support for Python 3.6.
  • The minimum cryptography version is now 41.0.5.
  • Removed OpenSSL.crypto.loads_pkcs7 and OpenSSL.crypto.loads_pkcs12 which had been deprecated for 3 years.
  • Added OpenSSL.SSL.OP_LEGACY_SERVER_CONNECT to allow legacy insecure renegotiation between OpenSSL and unpatched servers. #&#8203;1234 <>_.

Deprecations: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.PKCS12 (which was intended to have been deprecated at the same time as OpenSSL.crypto.load_pkcs12).
  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.NetscapeSPKI.
  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.CRL
  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.Revoked
  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.load_crl and OpenSSL.crypto.dump_crl
  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.sign and OpenSSL.crypto.verify
  • Deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.X509Extension

Changes: ^^^^^^^^

  • Changed OpenSSL.crypto.X509Store.add_crl to also accept cryptography's x509.CertificateRevocationList arguments in addition to the now deprecated OpenSSL.crypto.CRL arguments.
  • Fixed test_set_default_verify_paths test so that it is skipped if no network connection is available.


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