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chore(deps): update dependency psutil to v5.9.8

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
psutil patch ==5.9.6 -> ==5.9.8

Release Notes

giampaolo/psutil (psutil)


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  • 2343_, [FreeBSD]: filter net_connections()_ returned list in C instead of Python, and avoid to retrieve unnecessary connection types unless explicitly asked. E.g., on an IDLE system with few IPv6 connections this will run around 4 times faster. Before all connection types (TCP, UDP, UNIX) were retrieved internally, even if only a portion was returned.
  • 2342_, [NetBSD]: same as above (#​2343) but for NetBSD.
  • 2349_: adopted black formatting style.

Bug fixes

  • 930_, [NetBSD], [critical]: net_connections()_ implementation was broken. It could either leak memory or core dump.
  • 2340_, [NetBSD]: if process is terminated, Process.cwd()_ will return an empty string instead of raising NoSuchProcess_.
  • 2345_, [Linux]: fix compilation on older compiler missing DUPLEX_UNKNOWN.
  • 2222_, [macOS]: cpu_freq() now returns fixed values for min and max frequencies in all Apple Silicon chips.


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  • 2324_: enforce Ruff rule raw-string-in-exception, which helps providing clearer tracebacks when exceptions are raised by psutil.

Bug fixes

  • 2325_, [PyPy]: psutil did not compile on PyPy due to missing PyErr_SetExcFromWindowsErrWithFilenameObject cPython API.


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