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chore(deps): update helm release cert-manager to v1.14.4

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
cert-manager patch v1.14.3 -> v1.14.4

Release Notes

cert-manager/cert-manager (cert-manager)


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cert-manager is the easiest way to automatically manage certificates in Kubernetes and OpenShift clusters.

cert-manager 1.14 brings a variety of features, security improvements and bug fixes, including: support for creating X.509 certificates with "Other Name" fields, and support for creating CA certificates with "Name Constraints" and "Authority Information Accessors" extensions.

️ Known Issues
  • ACME Issuer (Let's Encrypt): wrong certificate chain may be used if preferredChain is configured: see release docs for more info and mitigations
️ Documentation

Release notes Upgrade notes Installation instructions

🔧 Breaking changes

See Breaking changes in v1.14.0 release notes

📜 Changes since v1.14.3
Bug or Regression
Other (Cleanup or Flake)


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