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chore(deps): update dependency sphinx to v7.3.7

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
sphinx (changelog) minor ==7.2.6 -> ==7.3.7


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Release Notes

sphinx-doc/sphinx (sphinx)


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Bugs fixed

  • #​12299: Defer loading themes defined via entry points until their explicit use by the user or a child theme. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • #​12305: Return the default value for theme.get_config() with an unsupported theme configuration section. Patch by Adam Turner.


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Bugs fixed

  • #​12295: Re-export all AST types in the C and C++ domains. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • #​12295: Re-export various objects from in Patch by Jacob Chesslo and Adam Turner.


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Bugs fixed

  • #​12295: Re-export various objects from in Patch by Jacob Chesslo and Adam Turner.


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Bugs fixed

  • Handle cases when Any is not an instance of type. Patch by Adam Turner.


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Bugs fixed

  • #​12290: Fix a false-positive warning when setting a configuration value with Any as the valid type to a type other than the value's default. Patch by Adam Turner.


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Bugs fixed

  • Preload all themes defined via entry points. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • Fix a bad interaction between the 'Furo' theme and the new-style for configuration values. Patch by Adam Turner.


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  • Require tomli on Python 3.10 and earlier. Patch by Adam Turner.


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  • #​11693: Support for old-style :file:Makefile and :file:make.bat output in :program:sphinx-quickstart, and the associated options :option:!-M, :option:!-m, :option:!--no-use-make-mode, and :option:!--use-make-mode.
  • #​11285: Direct access to :attr:!sphinx.testing.util.SphinxTestApp._status or :attr:!sphinx.testing.util.SphinxTestApp._warning is deprecated. Use the public properties :attr:!sphinx.testing.util.SphinxTestApp.status and :attr:!sphinx.testing.util.SphinxTestApp.warning instead. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.
  • tests: :func:!sphinx.testing.util.strip_escseq is deprecated in favour of :func:!sphinx.util.console.strip_colors. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

Features added

  • #​12265: Support theme configuration via theme.toml.

  • #​11701: HTML Search: Adopt the new \<search\>_ element. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

    .. _\<search\>:

  • #​11776: Add long option names to sphinx-build. Patch by Hugo van Kemenade, Adam Turner, Bénédikt Tran, and Ezio Melotti.

  • Organise the sphinx-build options into groups. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #​11855: Defer computation of configuration values. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • Add :no-search: as an alias of the :nosearch: metadata field. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #​11803: autodoc: Use an overriden __repr__() function in an enum, if defined. Patch by Shengyu Zhang.

  • #​11825: Allow custom targets in the manpage role. Patch by Nicolas Peugnet.

  • #​11892: Improved performance when resolving cross references in the C++ domain. Patch by Rouslan Korneychuk.

  • #​11905: Add a :rst:dir:versionremoved directive. Patch by Hugo van Kemenade, Adam Turner, and C.A.M. Gerlach.

  • #​11981: Improve rendering of signatures using slice syntax, e.g., def foo(arg: np.float64[:,:]) -> None: ....

  • The manpage builder now adds OSC 8_ anchors to hyperlinks, using the groff_ device control command.

    .. _OSC 8: .. _groff:

  • #​11015: Change the text of the :rst:dir:versionadded directive from New in [...] to Added in [...]. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​12131: Added :confval:show_warning_types configuration option. Patch by Chris Sewell.

  • #​12193: Improve external warnings for unknown roles. In particular, suggest related role names if an object type is mistakenly used. Patch by Chris Sewell.

  • Add public type alias :class:sphinx.util.typing.ExtensionMetadata. This can be used by extension developers to annotate the return type of their setup function. Patch by Chris Sewell.

Bugs fixed

  • #​11668: Raise a useful error when theme.conf is missing. Patch by Vinay Sajip.

  • #​11622: Ensure that the order of keys in searchindex.js is deterministic. Patch by Pietro Albini.

  • #​11617: ANSI control sequences are stripped from the output when writing to a warnings file with :option:-w <sphinx-build -w>. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11666: Skip all hidden directories in CatalogRepository.pofiles. Patch by Aryaz Eghbali.

  • #​9686: html builder: Fix MathJax lazy loading when equations appear in titles. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11483: singlehtml builder: Fix MathJax lazy loading when the index does not contain any math equations. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11697: HTML Search: add 'noindex' meta robots tag. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11678: Fix a possible ZeroDivisionError in sphinx.ext.coverage. Patch by Stephen Finucane.

  • #​11756: LaTeX: build error with recent TeXLive due to missing substitutefont package (triggered if using fontenc with T2A option and document language is not a Cyrillic one). Patch by Jean-François B.

  • #​11675: Fix rendering of progression bars in environments that do not support ANSI control sequences. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11861: Whitelist more types with an incorrect __module__ attribute. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #​11715: Apply tls_verify and tls_cacerts config to ImageDownloader. Patch by Nick Touran.

  • Allow hyphens in group names for :rst:dir:productionlist cross-references. Patch by Adam Turner.

  • #​11433: Added the :confval:linkcheck_allow_unauthorized configuration option. Set this option to False to report HTTP 401 (unauthorized) server responses as broken. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11868: linkcheck: added a distinct timeout reporting status code. This can be enabled by setting :confval:linkcheck_report_timeouts_as_broken to False. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11869: Refresh the documentation for the linkcheck_timeout setting. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11874: Configure a default 30-second value for linkcheck_timeout. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11886: Print the Jinja2 template path chain in TemplateNotFound exceptions. Patch by Colin Marquardt.

  • #​11598: Do not use query components in URLs for assets in EPUB rendering. Patch by David Runge.

  • #​11904: Support unary subtraction when parsing annotations. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11925: Blacklist the sphinxprettysearchresults extension; the functionality it provides was merged into Sphinx v2.0.0. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11917: Fix rendering of annotated inherited members for Python 3.9. Patch by Janet Carson.

  • #​11935: C Domain: Fix namespace-pop context. Patch by Frank Dana.

  • #​11923: Avoid zombie processes when parallel builds fail. Patch by Felix von Drigalski.

  • #​11353: Support enumeration classes inheriting from mixin or data types. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11962: Fix target resolution when using :paramtype: fields. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11944: Use anchor in search preview. Patch by Will Lachance.

  • #​12008: Fix case-sensitive lookup of std:label names in intersphinx inventory. Patch by Michael Goerz.

  • #​11958: HTML Search: Fix partial matches overwriting full matches. Patch by William Lachance.

  • #​11959: Fix multiple term matching when word appears in both title and document. Patch by Will Lachance.

  • #​11474: Fix doctrees caching causing files not be rebuilt in some cases, e.g., when :confval:numfig is True. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11278: autodoc: Fix rendering of :class:functools.singledispatchmethod combined with :func:@classmethod <classmethod>. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​11894: Do not add checksums to css files if building using the htmlhelp builder. Patch by reduerK akiM.

  • #​12052: Remove <script> and <style> tags from the content of search result summary snippets. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11578: HTML Search: Order non-main index entries after other results. Patch by Brad King.

  • #​12147: autosummary: Fix a bug whereby the wrong file extension may be used, when multiple suffixes are specified in :confval:source_suffix. Patch by Sutou Kouhei.

  • #​10786: improve the error message when a file to be copied (e.g., an asset) is removed during Sphinx execution. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.

  • #​12040: HTML Search: Ensure that document titles that are partially-matched by the user search query are included in search results. Patch by James Addison.

  • #​11970: singlehtml builder: make target URIs to be same-document references in the sense of :rfc:RFC 3986, §4.4 <3986#section-4.4>, e.g., index.html#foo becomes #foo. Patch by Eric Norige.

  • #​12271: Partially revert Docutils' r9562__ to fix EPUB files. Patch by Adam Turner.


  • #​12253: Escape reserved path characters in the remote images post-transform download cache. Patch by James Addison and Adam Turner.


  • Reorganise tests into directories. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • Clean up global state in SphinxTestApp. Patch by Adam Turner.
  • #​11285: :func:!pytest.mark.sphinx and :class:!sphinx.testing.util.SphinxTestApp accept warningiserror, keep_going and verbosity as keyword arguments. Patch by Bénédikt Tran.
  • #​11285: :class:!sphinx.testing.util.SphinxTestApp status and warning arguments are checked to be :class:io.StringIO objects (the public API incorrectly assumed this without checking it). Patch by Bénédikt Tran.
  • Report the result of test_run_epubcheck as skipped instead of success when either Java or epubcheck are not available.
  • Use dynamic allocation of unused port numbers for the test HTTP(S) servers. As a side-effect, this removes the need for test server lockfiles, meaning that any remaining tests/test-server.lock files can safely be deleted.


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