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Update dependency pygments to v2.11.2 - autoclosed

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pygments (source, changelog) minor ==2.10.0 -> ==2.11.2

Release Notes



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(released January 6th, 2022)

  • Updated lexers:

    • C-family: Fix incorrect handling of labels (#​2022, #​1996, #​1182)
    • Java: Fixed an issue with record keywords result in Error tokens in some cases (#​2018)
  • Fix links to line numbers not working correctly (#​2014)

  • Remove underline from Whitespace style in the Tango theme (#​2020)

  • Fix IRC and Terminal256 formatters not backtracking correctly for custom token types, resulting in some unstyled tokens (#​1986)


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(released December 31st, 2021)

  • Updated lexers:

    • C-family: Handle return types with multiple tokens (e.g. unsigned int) (#​2008)
    • JSON: Fix a regression which caused whitespace before : to result in Error tokens (#​2010)
    • SPICE: Various improvements (#​2009)


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(released December 30th, 2021)

.. note::

All of the new styles unfortunately do not conform to WCAG recommendations.

  • There is new infrastructure in place to improve style accessibility. The default style has been updated to conform to WCAG recommendations. All styles are now checked for sufficient contrast by default to prevent regressions. (#​1919, #​1937, #​1938, #​1940)
  • Clean up unused imports (#​1887)
  • Fix multiple lexers producing repeated single-character tokens
  • Fix multiple lexers marking whitespace as Text (#​1237, #​1905, #​1908, #​1914, #​1911, #​1923, #​1939, #​1957, #​1978)
  • Remove duplicated assignments in the Paraiso style (#​1934)
  • pygmentize supports JSON output for the various list functions now, making it easier to consume them from scripts. (#​1437, #​1890)
  • Use the shell lexer for kshrc files (#​1947)
  • Use the ruby lexer for Vagrantfile files (#​1936)
  • Use the C lexer for .xbm and .xpm files (#​1802)
  • Add a groff formatter (#​1873)
  • Update documentation (#​1928)
  • Line anchors now link to themselves (#​1973)
  • Add official support for Python 3.10 (#​1917)
  • Fix several missing colors in dark styles: Gruvbox dark, Monokai, Rrt, Sas, Strata dark (#​1955)
  • Associate more file types with man pages
  • The HtmlFormatter can now emit tooltips for each token to ease debugging of lexers (#​1822)
  • Add f90 as an alias for fortran (#​2000)


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