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Update dependency urllib3 to v1.26.8 - autoclosed

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
urllib3 (source) patch ==1.26.7 -> ==1.26.8

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If you or your organization rely on urllib3 consider supporting us via GitHub Sponsors.

urllib3 v2.0 will drop support for Python 2: Read more in the v2.0 Roadmap

This release will be the last release supporting Python 3.5. Please upgrade to a non-EOL Python version.

  • Added extra message tourllib3.exceptions.ProxyError when urllib3 detects that a proxy is configured to use HTTPS but the proxy itself appears to only use HTTP.
  • Added a mention of the size of the connection pool when discarding a connection due to the pool being full.
  • Added explicit support for Python 3.11.
  • Deprecated the Retry.MAX_BACKOFF class property in favor of Retry.DEFAULT_MAX_BACKOFF to better match the rest of the default parameter names. Retry.MAX_BACKOFF is removed in v2.0.
  • Changed location of the vendored ssl.match_hostname function from urllib3.packages.ssl_match_hostname to urllib3.util.ssl_match_hostname to ensure Python 3.10+ compatibility after being repackaged by downstream distributors.
  • Fixed absolute imports, all imports are now relative.


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